24 Seconds presented by Ibotta: Daulton Hommes

A native of Bellingham, Wash., Daulton Hommes played college basketball in San Diego at Point Loma Nazarene University, not exactly a hotbed for NBA prospects as a Division II program. Born on the Fourth of July in 1996, the 25-year-old spent time in the G League and playing professionally in Italy prior to signing a two-way contract with New Orleans this summer. Hommes was a member of the Pelicans’ unbeaten summer league squad, but is now waiting to get back on the court, sidelined by a right fibular stress fracture.

Hommes discussed his background with Pelicans.com for the latest edition of our “24 Seconds” Q&A feature:

Pelicans.com: What’s your earliest memory playing basketball?

Hommes: Dribbling in the garage by myself. That’s where I kind of fell in love with the game, playing in the driveway, or playing in the garage if it was raining.

Pelicans.com: What’s your journey been like for you as a pro?

Hommes: It’s been up and down. Being able to go to training camp with the Spurs was an awesome experience, then playing in the G League, then going overseas, has been a grind. To be back in the States is a blessing, and I’m excited to make the most of it.

Pelicans.com: What did you enjoy about your experience overseas?

Hommes: It’s a different style. Every game is a big deal. Every game, people are putting their bodies on the line and every game is win or go home. Being overseas was a big eye-opener for me, to never take a possession off, to take every moment and make the most of it.

Pelicans.com: Where did you develop your three-point shot?

Hommes: That goes back to working in the driveway. My dad has spent countless hours rebounding for me. I’ve been able to shoot my whole life, and I try to continue to develop my craft.

Pelicans.com: You can also dunk, though. We saw that in summer league.

Hommes: Ah, yes. I guess they count me as “sneaky athletic.” [smiles]

Pelicans.com: What are the parts of your game you are working on to expand what you can do for a team?

Hommes: Rebounding and defense, being able to put the ball on the floor and make plays for teammates.

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